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~joseph's Personal Notes - 100 Days of Love™

This is a personal compilation of personal notes based on (reader’s) questions, revolving around basically, ‘who is really this guy behind the guy’s guy? Well heck, how am I really supposed to tell you who I am, when I am dynamically with life always changing?... okay

~joseph borkovic
gypsy, friend, father, author, mentor, ecologist,
photographer, entrepreneur, escape artist
and mostly just a regular kinda guy
with a lot of gumption, kahonas and a trusty horse
... ha, ha, let’s just have fun here, what else is there?...

okay, the real truth?... I can fix anything with a pair of tweezers,
pliers, duct tape and baler twine.

Personal Notes About Me

update for 2009 - I have found the love of my life -> and I realize now that these words below were written for her, only for HER... [ well, she did point it out first... ] and if she asks me to remove them so that they belong only to her, and can only be remembered by her... well, that's the way it goes my anonymous friends!... for once, I am allowing the sacredness of Love to rule all the facets in my diamond life - I am so grateful to find my best friend - good luck to you, and never give up on finding your soul mate, your bliss, or your destiny, even when you feel you can't. Go with the best of yourself. ~ Joseph


original notes from 2004

I accept genuine friendship, spontaneous and gregarious, silliness without cruelty, sharing of authentic feelings, kindness and vulnerability, love in all its forms - all acts are acts of love or in reaching out for love - compassion for ourselves becomes compassion for others.

My family name Jozek, translates to Joseph of the Raven - it is important that I follow my bliss (Joe Campbell), it is one way to live in harmony, balance and peace, well... okay sprinkle in a lot of spontaneity (read miss-chevious) fun!! What I look for is an activity partner who could become a close friend, my heart is also open to find my lucky star, my heart-love, my twin-flame.

I love to spend time in and with Nature, allow myself to explore and see the good of the world and stay away from negativity, reach out to connect with people to share and allow difficulty to transcend to goodness, I deeply, deeply love my son. I am working on becoming more mindful and aware, and I am open to allowing my life to unfold spontaneously and generously - I am very fit and must be in Nature - I am asking the Great Spirits to find a best friend to learn with, share joy and laughter, support each other and grow together.

I have traveled the world, worked as a cowboy wrangler, represented Canada in rugby and met Queen Victoria after playing on the Royal grounds at Windsor Castle, lived in Fiji and swam between two Fijian islands (to the disbelief of the natives), been rushed by a Hammerhead, surfed in a hurricane (accidentally) with a crazy lawyer from Texas, swam with the Kalekakeua dolphins, studied with Shamans including the fifth generation blood descendant medicine man from tribe of the original King Kamou,mou, the Warrior King of Hawaii (the first King to unite the island tribes), I have taken out the trash, done laundry and have seen a great many things that could not be considered more interesting than laundering a lady's undies, a life may deeply be lived when we learn to believe and see, are you coming there with me?

These are just some great highlights and is just past stuff it certainly cannot define now... me... it is a start, we all have difficult experiences and times and maybe, even a few skeletons, so what?

The past is a ghost, why drag them with you? My grandpa said, 'No Negatives' or hesitation or being unclear (like a maybe is a NO...). Adventure is another way to say, Yes - that's it, what is there really to fear?? We only really can fear the stuff we make up, that's what a judgment is... that is where baggage comes from, heaped with expectations, maybe the question is what is it that we learn?... are we committed to the passion of Life, to keep reaching?... to do our best where ever we are? and be thank-full? that is a good part of it for me... Life is to Live and Love.

Notes on Dating

I believe there are really no first dates, every soul has met other souls, but sorry if today, I don’t remember what I am supposed to do for you... here comes my next life lesson, right? A walk through the forest to the river or ocean, talk about anything - Real - also allow ourselves to find eagle and kingfisher feathers or special heart rocks in silence and laughter, connect with the sea otters and hawks, observe the Nature Spirits at work, maybe see a bear (do not climb a tree, here you run... ha ha, run fast) - then we have hot cocoa-vanilla tea and excitedly talk about who we are going to tell our new bear story to?
I do know of the best (secret vegan) cheesecake cafe in the world, just to live for, let's go there right now and just talk, really!

As a sincere note, long distance romance is not true romance, especially without previous history. I must hear my lover’s voice, and she, mine I must be able to know that our hands will embrace each other - no more, no less, life needs this contact between two people... real contact is staying real.

I also enjoy the arts, collecting rare books and wines, gala events, concerts, exclusive resorts, traveling, indigenous studies and live theater - additional stuff;
I am interested in a gal that can honestly call me out on going overboard - without pushing me in the water... a practical gal that also has the courage to live by her sacred heart, and oops oh golly gosh yes, one more thing, I do not kiss many girls, and I have never kissed more than one girl at a time (never cheat nor could, sheer suicide for a true romantic) and if I was so fortunate as to find my lucky star, boy would you find your knees buckle-weak when I tenderly, passionately, perfectly and lovingly kiss you, which for my lucky star would be every day for the rest of our lives.

Just allow your greatest relationships in, by becoming friends first, love has no time schedule or restrictions, it is always Love, and to get, you must give of your heart also, unconditionally!!

Hey! I would love to have a good friend too... that special someone. In fact, this is a must for any long term relationship (by golly, we’re not to far from some shopping...) - I plan on continuing to live in a remote wilderness cabin and work in my creative ‘painting for peace’ studio frolicking with bohemians, beatniks, lovers, rogues, and naked woman (each and all of you are beautiful... can I paint you? Please NOTE: this offer no longer available.

Remote or not, I do own a tuxedo, and also love parties and socializing and events, I am comfortable with the 'powerful', international people I do business with just as someone who lives on the street... deep down we are all innocent, and are either acting out of love, or reaching out for love, nothing NOTHING beats compassion, creativity and kindness - Peace is truly the way - every day is new and every day is so powerful when one remains compassionate and spontaneous - ok, after all that... I accept simplicity, a passionate life-friendship and genuineness.

Peace lives here