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Biography - Joseph Borkovic
Gypsy, Father, Author, Eco-prenuer, Spokesperson

International Spokesperson Representing Canada
Joseph has been comfortable as an international spokesperson from an early age. In 1980, at the age of 15, Joseph toured Scotland, England and Wales as a team representative for Canada, and was asked to speak to the local junior schools in the UK. It was at this time that Joseph was presented to Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle. Joseph’s team then played an international match on the Royal Grounds at Windsor Castle. In this same year Joseph went to represent BC in the Canada Summer Games winning the silver medal in the decathlon and subsequently won a gold medal running the 100m hurdles in the BC Track and Field Championships, setting a new record. Also in the next year Joseph was chosen to represent BC in the Canadian Rugby Championships, in which BC was the top winner. Also playing football under the great Roy Vollinger, Joseph held the record for rushing and was recruited by the Washington Huskies. In 1982 Joseph went on to tour New Zealand in six international rugby matches and, as a junior representative for Canada, also play against the Japanese national team.

Working Hard From An Early Age
In between numerous paper routes for the Victoria Times, Joseph worked for the Keg Restaurants for four years and successfully obtained his Industrial First Aid Certificate. Joseph also worked as a fitness and squash instructor under the expertise and guidance of Dr. Bell at the Quadra Court House for two years. Joseph worked for London Drugs in inventory control systems and retail shelving for two years. Joseph went on to train with PADI as a scuba dive instructor.

Working Smart Up The Corporate Ladder

While still in school Joseph went on to Budget Car Sales under the business mentorship of the late Mark Scott and worked up from his first job of washing rental cars to earning the place to cut his sales and marketing teeth, and additionally as the finance (‘in the box’) and fleet business manager, establishing the first car sales offices for off fleets on Vancouver Island for Budget and then competitor Hertz. Joseph then opened his own sales offices, managing his own sales crew. Joseph included, with his sales operations, his own rental car business, scooter and bicycle rental business, a detail and repair shop, car, truck and boat sales, and further teamed up with Hertz for sales of their rental off fleets. During this time Joseph actively consulted with the RCMP and Provincial Motor Dealer Licensing to establish parameters and standards for the licensing of Dealers in BC. Joseph independently and successfully managed his own sales operations for well over a decade, with sales numbering over 7000, including US import and export of exotic cars.

Expanding Horizons And Knowledge
Joseph then for several years shifted his focus to photography, writing, diving and international travel - living in Australia and Fiji. Joseph has lived and studied with traditional native tribal elders, shaman and medicine men. Upon returning from the bohemian quest, Joseph took a further interest in law and international tax planning, further committing study in how to combine successful business and ecological systems, to further pursue creating new profitable and sustainable businesses.

Start In International Business
Joseph then partnered with Peter Davids of Beverly Hills International and then Healthworx International, subsequently becoming the COO of international expansion for health distributor, The Anami Group, specializing in indigenous and natural health supplements and products for physical, emotional and spiritual health - it was at this time that Joseph, in honour of his work, had the good fortune to meet the grandson of the venerable Mahatma Ghandi.

University, Triathlon and NHL Training
Joseph has had formal university training in Economics, Psychology & Philosophy at the University of Victoria. During this time Joseph participated in triathlons (quite by accident, a very funny story!) and then became a trainer for competing triathletes and several NHL hockey players.

Property Developer

Then Joseph turned his enthusiastic sales and marketing skills to buying, financing and developing real estate on Vancouver Island, developing 22 properties and managing contract tradesman and a crew of journeyman carpenters. Developments included; moving houses expropriated from the Island Highways expansion to new lot locations, renovations, rezoning and personally conducting all sales. Joseph’s last purchase was a farm.

Establishing Priorities
Choosing the farm life to raise his son, this is where Joseph found further passion in the raising of organic fruits and vegetables. Joseph built a new design of greenhouses to sell to the local farming community and also very profitably traded lumber and also custom milled reclaimed cedar and fir logs. Joseph’s reputation for quality lumber and outstanding, friendly service extended so far that in just two years he was providing custom work for remote island cabins, resorts, specialty finishing carpenters and local native artisans and carvers.

A Solid Partnership Begins
It was at this time that Joseph found the opportunity of partnering with Organic Formulations of Australia and started working to explore the Canada-USA natural and organic personal care market and begin to establish Organic Formulations as a premier brand in Canada-USA. Joseph’s extensive marketing talents were then drawn upon to develop the international websites for the ecological products. Joseph became the CEO of Organic Formulations Canada-USA. Joseph has become recognized in the industry as one of the most dedicated and personable leaders in the field of sustainable business systems and natural marketing. Joseph is an experienced strategist in the proven whole systems approach for eco-company infrastructures that contribute better profits.

A Magic Touch for Eco-products and Publishing
Joseph has the magic touch for sourcing innovative eco-products for their respective, demanding consumer markets. Joseph has recently been published five times in Alive magazine, and has been extensively quoted/interviewed regarding organic standards in recent industry publications. Joseph brings an additional four years of market research and development experience in the natural products industry in Canada-USA, including extensive experience in logistics and implementing product roll outs with natural product industry leaders: Whole Foods and Wild Oats.

Vision And Communication
Joseph has also successfully negotiated international licensing rights for new ecological educational products benefitting Canadian schools and universities in both budget cost savings and ecologically safer use for teachers and students. Joseph is an exciting communicator, writer, public speaker and producer, bringing vision that defines the horizon of the growing natural and organic products industry, bringing solid results to his business commitments. Joseph also has experience in the aspect of setting up and implementing the systems for developing a business as a franchise.

Establishing New Organic Standards
Joseph was subsequently invited to participate as a member of the Organic Trade Association (OTA) guiding the Memorandums of Understanding that have recently become the legal standards for organic product certification in the USA under the jurisdiction of the USDA. These standards are also helping to guide the new Health Canada standards. Joseph is also a member of BALLE, a community coalition for sustainable business practices and information. Joseph is also a founding member of COCA, Certified Organic Cosmetics Association, the very first cosmetics association that deals with strictly (syn-chemical free) organic certification for the personal care market. Then one day it all changed, and lady luck made me look her in the eyes...

Joseph has gone from a self-made millionaire, world traveler, spiritual rogue, homeless organic coffee drinker, wilderness explorer and photographer to a regular kinda guy. Joseph is now back in the game, re-inventing himself as an inspiring author and gentleman adventurer, living in a small cabin in the woods, giving something back to the community and Earth, and rebuilding his family fortune (do I hear one, one, one dollar... ha ha). Joseph is very excited about making fires in the morning.

Industry articles and references available upon request, thank-you (well, they used to be, best now to just buy a copy of the book, 100 Days of Love or submit your idea or business plan to my business team, cheers!)

Ah heck, I really am just a regular guy, with extraordinary staying power who has also had the very good fortune of having a great recipe for squeezing lemons into great lemonade... do you need a little umbrella with that drink?

Genuinely, Joseph Borkovic.
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